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Omega Oils

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Cod Liver Oil 1000mg
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May help to maintain healthy skin, hair, teeth and gums
May help to maintain healthy bones and joints
May help to support a healthy immune system
May help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
May help to maintain normal mood and a healthy nervous system
Ethically sourced from pollution free fisheries

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Omega 369 1000mg
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Maintain Omega 3 oils balance for optimum health
Helps to maintain healthy hair, skin, teeth and gums
Helps maintain healthy joints and bones
Helps to maintain healthy immune system
Helps to maintain healthy cardiovascular system

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High Strength Omega 3 1000mg
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For a healthy heart and brain
High Strength
May help to support the maintenance of normal heart, memory and joint function.

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The only way humans can obtain these powerful, essential fatty acids is for us to consume them - our bodies are incapable of producing these types of oils. And since this supplement can help protect your body from everything from heart disease to arthritis, you may want to consider adding it to your daily nutritional arsenal.

Omega Oils can be used to treat many conditions, including dry skin, heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. Our Omega Oils also combat high cholesterol, high blood pressure, as well as maintain healthy joints.
With steady, continued use, you will notice added luster to your skin, hair, and fingernails. You may even see your memory and even your mood improve, as studies show that consumption of Omega oils, when used in conjunction with prescription antidepressants, markedly eases symptoms of depression.

Protect Your Hearing
Australian scientists recently found that those who consume fish oil have a markedly reduced risk of hearing loss. If you like your music loud, now you can protect your hearing with every meal.

Boost Your Newborns IQ
Mothers can bolster their children's intelligence by eating properly while pregnant and nursing. Research done by Joseph Hibbeln MD, of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, links shortage of omega oils during pregnancy and early childhood to lower IQs as well as dyslexia. This fatty acid is simply critical to good brain function.

Relax Your Asthma
Omega oils can calm the inflammation prompted by asthma. Subjects with grass pollen allergies experienced mild protection from the inflammation they ordinarily experienced from the exposure to pollen, and Indiana University has found that in exercise-induced asthma, supplementation with omega oils can lower the inflammation experienced by subjects to the extent that they are able to use less asthma medication, which is expensive.

Soothe Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases
Supplementing your diet with omega oils calms disease activity and may even allow you to take fewer anti-inflammatory drugs. Those suffering from Crohn's disease, psoriasis, migraines, lupus, and even ulcerative colitis will all experience positive results.