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The joints of the body are particularly susceptible to pain, especially among those who are starting to get older. Arthritis is perhaps the most well-known type of joint pain because it is common among many adults. Throughout your life, the joints rub together and have constant exposure to pressure. When the connective tissues start to wear down, the bones rub together and pain occurs. Fortunately, it is possible to help maintain that tissue and help improve or prevent joint pain through supplementation.

Joint supplements have a few different types. All of them help improve joint functioning in some method, but the types vary in how it helps.

Omega fatty acids are a type of joint supplementation that has numerous health benefits. Omega fatty acids, particularly omega 3, 6 and 9, help maintain the connective tissue in the joints, thus helping maintain joint health. These acids have an added benefit of helping the heart. The supplements are made from either seafood or from plant based sources like flaxseeds.

Naturally occurring supplements for joints use products that the body naturally produces to help improve the joints. These products use the hormones or enzymes in the body that support the connective tissues throughout the body and thus help alleviate and prevent joint pain.

Oils from plants like evening primrose oil and starflower oil help maintain the joints. While the oils might not focus primarily on joint health, they add an extra measure of protection for the connective tissue and help maintain healthy joints.

Joint supplements have one main use: the improved health of the joints. Most supplements will help maintain the tissues at the joints that prevent pain and give a cushion between the bones. Others provide an added layer of support to help keep the tissues from taking too much stress. The improved health of joint connective tissue results in the improved health of the joints in general.

While joint supplements are generally considered safe, always discuss the supplement with a doctor or pharmacist beforehand. Some supplements might interact with medications, particularly those that are plant based.

Joint supplements are an important part of maintaining healthy joint functioning. In general, the oils used to maintain and support the joints are healthy and will not harm the body. Relief from joint pain starts with maintaining the tissues until the tissue can heal.